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Unplanned downtime affects every aspect of your business. 

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Channel Partners of Vertiv former Emerson Liebert & Dealers in Exide,Rocket, Leoch, Quanta Batteries.Protecting your critical technologies takes more than just great software and equipment. It takes a level of experience that only comes from years of finding solutions when the industry needed them most. We were the one of first channel partners of Emerson Liebert now known as Vertiv Liebert to introduce and protect mainframes with precision cooling systems. One of the first to introduce an integrated enclosure system to distributed networks. We helped many small and some of the large companies in the industry bring new capacity online faster and at a lower cost when demand for storage and computing increased with increase in production.

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Batteries/Charges|Inverters | Stabilizers |UPS | Diseal Genset | Industrial A.C

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HO:4th Floor, Rajkamal Complex, Panchsheel Square, Nagpur - 440012
BO: S-67, 36, RDA Building, New Rajendra Nagar, Sect. 7, Raipur.
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