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We provide the services of household electrics, Your Safety is our First Priority.
High bills and damaged appliances can all be a symbol of electrical problems on your home circuit. Like light switches not working properly, Electrical surges, Power sags, and dips, Flickering light, Tripping circuit breakers, Fewer outlets, Electric shocks, Residual current circuit breaker, Frequent burning out of sunshine bulbs, Over circuited panel, High bill , Aluminum wiring, Backstabbed wires, well as the most appropriate solution is just contacted to us on below Number. Viraj Electrician Services has Experienced Professionals who give you the best result.

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Electrical surges | Power sags and dips| Flickering light | Tripping circuit breakers| Fewer outlets | Electric shocks | Residual current | circuit breaker| Frequent burning out of sunshine bulbs| Over circuited panel | Aluminum wiring| Backstabbed wires

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Kirti Nagar,Narsala Road,Dighori,Nagpur-440034
Hemant Bhasharkar : 9373474603

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