Good Friday

You all know about the celebration of Easter Sunday, but do you know about the Holy Week before that comes before? let’s put a light upon it.

Good friday is a holiday celebrated in the honor of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at Cavalry. It falls in the Holy Week of Paschal Triduum before
Easter Sunday. It is also known as the Black Friday.
Members of the christian community celebrates this day with fasting and prayer services.The date of Good Friday varies from year to year on both Gregorian and Julian
calendars. Earlier this day was known as the Long Friday and is still used in Scandinavian languages and finish.
The Easter sunday sunday is celebrated in the honor of the rebirth of Christ after the crucifixion at the cavalry. The Easter Sunday begns on sunday and lasts for
seven weeks. In Latin and Greek ,the celebration is still known as Pascha.

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