Happy Holi 2021- Make these 7 Organic colors at home

Happy Holi to Everyone,

We are having our one of the favorite festival. Yes I am talking about Holi, festivals of colors, and who don’t like colors. We all love colors, we all love this festival and we all want to celebrate this festival.

In India, the best thing is we have so many festivals to celebrate. Because of these festivals we can spend more time with our loved ones, family and friends.

In this Holi, to protect your face from harmful market colors let’s we make some organic colors.

To make Organic Holi colors, you need to first choose the base for the color. To make base of organic colour use Besan and maida or corn flour.

First make these colors in small quantities once you were sure about it, you can make more.


Mix besan and turmeric powder together the ratio is (turmeric powder 20: besan 80), mix it nicely, mash it between both palms, till they are mixed well. use a very fine strainer at least two times, finally, you can use this color.


Spread out the turmeric powder and press lime squeeze on it. The acidic lemon will respond with turmeric and turn it red in shading. Spread it out to dry in an all around ventilated room yet away from the sun, which can blanch it. When it is dry, rub it again between the palms of your hands and sifter it a couple of times.


Follow the same process as in the case of making red, with only lesser quantity of lemon.


Add mehendi to maida (equal ratio), mix and sieve a few times to get green colour.

Caution: Don’t add food colouring. It is edible but only in small quantities. Food colouring is not natural.


Boil coffee powder (200gm) in water till it turns brown. Once it cools down, mix the brown coloured water with corn flour (1.5kg) with your hands and leave it to dry for a day. Then, sieve it a few times. You can also add a little rosewater (10ml) for fragrance.


Grate 4-5 black carrots and grind it in the mixer grinder. Add it to corn flour (250gm) and mix it well with your hands. Add rosewater (10ml) to it for fragrance. Leave it to dry and sieve it.

P.S: So let’s enjoy our festivals, but in festival time we have to take care of our nature like we take care of our family. Like We are responsible to protect our family, same way we are also responsible to take care of our nature.

So let’s celebrate festivals without harming nature

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