5 Most Important Things You Should Know About IPL 2021

5 Things You Should Know About IPL 2021

Last year, we had seen the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League or IPL. And the preparation for the IPL 4th edition has already started. It is said that 4 months from now, the board of the cricket council of  the India or BCCI will have been conducting the IPL 2021.

Although, there is no such  the information of when the IPL session is really  the going to start. But before the IPL season arrives, I am going to mention 5 things that you should know about the  IPL 2021. So let’s just head into the topic without wasting much of the time:

1. Revamped teams

In the IPL 2021, we are expected to see  the revamped teams. According to sources, BCCI or the board of the cricket council of  the India will conduct a  the full auction of the IPL 2021. The auction is said to be held in January end or in the month of February. However, there is no official confirmation as of  the now.

However, according to the sources, BCCI has informally discussed the matter with  the franchises, and the final decision will be taken pretty soon. And if the news tends to be true, then the IPL fans will get to see the revamped teams in the coming IPL session.

2. Return of crowd

One thing that was the  highly missed in the IPL 2020 was the crowd. The IPL was held in  the UAE last year, and it had all the action, thrill, and drama. But the zero presence of the crowd was  the definitely a setback due to the coronavirus pandemic.

However, according to the leaks and news, the IPL cricket tournament is going to be held in the  India only. Plus, the good news is that the fans will be allowed in the stadium. But the audience needs to  the follow all the covid guidelines.

Also, on the other hand, it will help IPL to generate more revenue. As well as it will boost the confidence of the players.

And as fans, we will get a proper  the cricket experience, which was missing in IPL 2020. But we still have to wait and see how IPL is going to manage the live crowd thing and what the  guidelines we will need to follow.

3. Motera Stadium to host games

According to news, the Motera Stadium located in Gujrat is going to host IPL  the games. Because recently the stadium got a renovation and it increased the capacity of an audience of  the 110,000. As a result, it is one of the largest stadiums as per capacity  the available out there.

Also, another good news is that the revamped stadium in Ahmedabad is set to host the IPL matches next year. Moreover, the IPL 2021 can also feature a ninth team, and that could be from  the Gujrat.

4. Some players won’t be around

While everything about IPL 2021 sounds  the interesting and fun, there will be some the  players who are going to miss. According to  the some leaks, a few big names will not be in the IPL’s next edition. Names like  the CSK stalwart Shane Watson have recently announced his retirement from all forms of  the cricket.

This means he will not be playing the  IPL 2021. As well as there are quite a the  lot of Indian players who are also not going to be part of the the  IPL 2021. Some names are Harbhajan Singh, Dale Steyn, Amit Mishra, Imran Tahir might not play in the next IPL or may fail to the  find a team in the auction.

5. New Sponsor

We will also get to see the  new sponsors in the upcoming IPL season. According to news, the  Dream11 will be replaced by  the Vivo as the title sponsor for the 2021 Indian Premier League. Because  the BCCI had signed a 5 years deal with the Chinese mobile manufacturer  the Vivo in 2018.

However, in 2020 the deal was suspended because of the ongoing tension between the two  the countries. And it went with the IPL betting app Dream11 as the lead  the sponsor.

However, it is also said that  the Dream 11 will not be staying on the board for the next two  the seasons. As the three-year proposal was rejected because of low bid amounts for the  2021 and 2022. As a result,  the BCCI will seek a title sponsor next year.

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