Importance Of Digital Marketing

We come to know that It field is one of the growing sector during the pandemic situation. As we all know the boom of this IT sector is endless and that’s why it’s having numbers of opportunities. Now, due to this many times we get into confusion for choosing a right track.

Here I’ve selected only three course of career in which one can get ride into i.e PHP, web development & Digital Marketing. We will discuss the national + International opportunities and companies to get start and how can one grow career into it.

So let’s start……….!

The most interesting and colorful sector!

Every site, software, business is incomplete without digital marketing. This is the very important work which involves posters, Infographics, PPT/PDF, Forums, advertisements, social media pages, sites handelings, copywriting, content writing, etc. The more you add, the less it will become. In this you can explore as much as you can. Every time you feel the same energy.

You connect with any of client and start your practicing work. Due to this you can invite organic traffic on the client’s site and make their business more popular. Due to which their business will grow and you work as well.

Digital marketing is completely different from web development or coding field but it is some where connected. It is not compulsory to do digital marketing with your software course because both fields are different in their own sense. So don’t waste your time and money in doing it separately. Because this doesn’t require any coding knowledge. Hardly it may require very basic stuff like html.

Digital marketing is nothing but the information and details travel through different marketing channels. Those channels can be anything like Search Engine Marketing(SEM), Search Engine Optimisation(SEO), Social Media Marketing(SMM), Email marketing, Marketing automation, Digital advertising and Content marketing etc.

Job Opertunity-

Getting only certificate won’t make you master in this field. You have be good at those skills.

In a small size company, only 2-3 digital marketing manager presents. Whereas in a NMC or very big 20 to 25 thousand employees company has 10 digital marketing employee. Because they don’t create anything. They spread brand awareness and do advertisement. But still the job in digital marketing is at hype, Why? Because even if the number is less but they can earn handsome amount of salary and they can work parallel and can have several clients in one go. If we take a small eg. That if you go to a corner shop at your house and tell them that you can help to grow their business online and they will get the result as well. May be at starting you need to do this for free for 1 or 2 clients  or you can charge minimum amount as well. Then start building your portfolio through them, you success story and add that in your resume. Make yourself and expert and let people know this. Once you start this then you can work with multiple clients. In India mostly we see unorganized market and we can help them to come online. Because nowadays everything is coming online. You need to create opportunity yourself.

What extra- 

In small business there will be less need for excellence communication. You can use their comfortable languages for increase their revenue. For the MNC and top class company the communication is master key. Because if you work in team then the most of the teams will be global. You will get inputs from various teams which you’ll have to add in your digital marketing  report at day to day basis.

You can take your social media sites and share your work their. You can connect with startups or small firms to star your career. Later, You can also work with abroad companies.

For eg. In Canada, They will definitely see your experience and certificates mentioned in the CV. There are some certifications like Google skillshop, blueprint for Facebook, LinkedIn certification, etc gets these done.  Also if you  work for brand then mention in your CV that what was work worth for that client (eg. A client’s advertisement Spent was 1000$). Meanwhile you’re to take care of your CV, It should be of one and half page, precise and with work you bought through your work or company through your time or work over there. No need to describe your role on it.

No matter how many years of work experience you have but if you’re going out of the coutry like Canada you may get to start as a fresher and you should take it because Canadian experience is very helpful.  Don’t depend on only one site like linkedin but also go for other site like They may not give higher level jobs but if once you start then you can easily get promotions there.

While searching on this platform use broad term( like Digital marketing) but also narrow keywords, eg-growth marketer, Ecommerce marketing manager, media buyer etc. Read about the profile carefully. Keep applying everyday and give your time in start of the day itself so that you’ll be in the first 25 applicants. The most important thing is while applying for abroad jobs you need to be patience. You can also take it as an option if you have self confidence that you can manage it with other job as well.


For the fresher the salary would be same like in between 10 to 20 thousand. After gaining 2 to 3 years experience you can start gaining more salary than this but not at starting.


So the conclusion is getting a job after every course is same each field has many opportunities but if you choose wisely then you can earn in lacks as well.

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